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To Reinvent the Wheel or Not?!

My New Relationship with WordPress…. Honestly, I think me and WordPress just got off on the wrong foot. I was bitter about the fact of using wordpress as a CMS or just using WordPress in general. All until I went to a local WordCamp in Miami. I feel like I had the wrong impression of WordPress. […]

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Enabling Thumbnails with Posts in WP


After searching around on the internet for how to enable thumbnails on post, I can across a lot of out dated information. Most of the things that I encountered dealt with earlier versions of wordpress. After trying several different methods and more research about each method, why it did and didn’t work, I finally succeeded using this function […]

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Hello world!

This is my first take at keeping at active blog. Bare with me, I’m going to do my best. Being an up and coming web developer and consistently surfing the web for fun or trying to track down a problem, I find cool websites or tutorials worth mentioning. I plan on having sections that offer […]

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