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Force-Download a file with AJAX


While trying to force-download a file, I quickly realized this was not possible with AJAX. I then sat down, drank some coffee, and came up with a solution to this issue. My problem was not being able to set the headers within the AJAX request. Using Elouia’s Force Download to download files, it was working […]

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Enabling File Uploader with CKEditor


While trying to setup an admin section for a client, I came to a realization. It was manditory to allow images within each of their updates. Little did I know, CKEditor does not come standard with a file browser and uploader. After searching for a free answer, I came across Penuel's blog on how to create a […]

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Dynamic CodeIgniter base_url()


While at work, we were brainstorming of how to come up with a way to have a dynamic url based on a company project we were working on. Why must the url or a Codeigniter project need to be dynamic you as? Well the reason being we had to have the project under source control […]

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