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SimplePie RSS Reader

Feed reader using the power of SimplePie RSS Reader.

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  Plugin for wordpress the creates a widget to display your instagram feed in your wordpress sidebar.


Project Manager

This Project Manager is a great way to keep track of your current projects and client communication. With features that range from a full callendar, time tracking, messaging and user managment, it is well on its way to competing with BaseCamp.


Simbio USA

SimBioUSA was looking to update their website and add a small shopping cart. Working alongside a designer, we can up with a “green solution” for the web information and used WP E-Commerce to power the shopping cart.


Hammocks Vet

Hammocks Vet needed to have a website that was totally under their control. After modifying their existing site, it was turned into a WordPress theme in order to use WordPress as a CMS. This gives Hammocks Vet the ability to make in house updates about various promotions they run.


Wild and Bear

With portfolio around the corner, Daniela Sanchez needed a website to display her portfolio and market her brand. Daniela wanted a WordPress website so she could update the content. With her design, I created a custom WordPress theme.


Time App

Questioning where all my time went while working on my projects, I decided to create an app to track it. This web based service keeps track of how long you spend on whatever task you choose.


Birthday Wishes

If keeping up with birthdays on facebook is to much of a hassle, there is an app for that. Using the Facebook API, Birthday Wishes will post a birthday message on your friend’s wall on their birthday.


Add to Netflix Queue

This app will add movies to your Netflix instant queue if they are available for streaming. It uses Netflix REST Web Services and validates users through OAuth 2.0.


Ticket Manager

Ticketing System that tracks customer problems that were opened due to system errors. The system also allows the emloyee to upgrade a ticket to a new project if the customer request.


Smart Uploadr

Using REST API, Smart uploadr will create thumbnails base on the position of the face. This would make a great addition to any application that uploads user photos.



In order to re-brand the Zerofractal Image, the designers created a clean design. The president of the company wanted to use the latest technologies available on the web while pushing us to keep the website iPad friendly. The whole design and development process was done at Zerofractal (


Zumba Mobile

Zumba contacted Zerofractal to created a mobile website the was iPhone friendly. Using jQuery Mobile as a framework, I developed a mobile friendly version of their current website. The whole design and development process was done at Zerofractal (

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Google Analytics Bar Graph

With SEO being important on the internet, Google Analytics is a great way to keep track of it. This widget allows you to get an overview of your analytics in a visual bar graph from the major browsers.rrr

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A Ruby on Rails experiment for my class project.

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Duck Hunter

As a flash project, the goal was to re-create Mario Duck Hunter.

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Website Admin

This custom admin section allows me to manage my portfolio website. Complete with user managment and password reset, it is a great way to add and update my portfolio.